Solar Facts

Solar is Simple:solar panel

Photovoltaic Panels (PV) have no moving parts, and are very durable, and list PV panels carry a 20-25 year warranty. Additionally, grid-tied PV systems do not require battery storage.

Solar is Truly Renewable

It does not take input of non-renewable sources to recover the fuel for generating solar electricity.

Solar is a Sound Investment

Like with any investment, you want a good return. Solar starts paying as soon as the sun shines. Environmental, political, and social “paybacks” notwithstanding, the current demand for solar has driven down the cost of materials and installation so that financial payback periods inside of 10 years are common.

Solar is Affordable

Talk with your local bank, many will finance solar under a home equity or energy efficiency upgrade. This makes owning a solar system like owning a new car or other financed purchase. Along with a 30% Federal Tax Credit, and $2,000 Maine State Rebate, you could replace your monthly payment to the utility with a payment on your solar system, an investment that will pay back long after it’s paid off.

Solar is Security

residential solar power

Unlike conventional utility power, when you invest in a PV system for your home or business, the electricity you generate never costs more than your initial investment. Among the many other securities solar provides, are the fact that every kWh of electricity by solar means less oil from unstable countries, less coal from energy intensive mines, and less nuclear from potentially catastrophic, unpredictable, and irreversible processes.

Solar Works in Northern Climates

We may not live in California or New Mexico, but we do get enough sunshine to make solar cost effective. Maine gets as much annual sun as Tampa, FL. Less sun in the winter is made up for by the fact that the solar panels make more power in colder temperatures. The cooler the PV array operates, the more efficiently it converts sunlight to electricity.

Solar is Insurance

Solar power is reliable, renewable and safe, and will be there in the future for all of us… especially our kids! The Sun’s Powerful… Live With It!

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